Keep Them Wild!
Don't Feed The Nēnē!

Five reasons why not to feed wild nēnē

1. Nēnē seeking food from humans may become a nuisance by frequenting the areas you wish to use

Photo: Chris Eckert© 1996

2. Nēnē seeking handouts from humans may enter into dangerous situations. They will approach a human in a moving vehicle, or a human in a backyard with a dog. Both the automobile and the dog can kill the nēnē.

3. Human food contains fat, which is not a normal part of the nēnē diet. Too much fat, sweets, and other food items, can compromise the health of nēnē.

4. Dense bird populations attracted to food handouts increase the chance of the nēnē contracting disease and parasites, which may harm the nene.

5. Food scraps may attract rodents and other nuisance animals into the area.

Mahalo for your assistance.


Photo: Chris Eckert© 1996